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Arts & Contemporary Studies Course Union Philosophy

The ACSCU is dedicated to the academic, professional and personal success of all ACS students.
We recognize that there are ongoing institutionalized barriers that affects some of our students more than others. We are committed to addressing and eliminating barriers to ensure all of our students are granted equal and equitable opportunities. We strive to maintain a community where all creative, complex and diverse contributions are valued.

About: Our Philosophy

Meet The Team

Ashleen Dhillon

President 2020-2021

Urwaa Fatima

VP of Operations 2021-2022

Ionna Hipolito

VP of Marketing and Communications 2021-2022


VP of Internal and External Affairs 2021-2022

Keerthika Pius

VP of Finance 2021-2022

Alexandra Villaranda

VP of Events and Student Life 2021-2022

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About Us

"It is hard to describe what a course union is to someone who has never been in a large-scale project before. It is a group of people who come together, because of nothing but their major, and they try to make things that benefit all ACS students. Every year, the projects are individual with it in the first place. Nevertheless, the ACSCU is a home base for collaboration; for ideas.​

"Ideas that shape the world," that's the mantra ACS students lead their lives by. It is also what makes them phenomenally interesting idea makers. During times when getting together is tough the ACSCU continues to meet , and it is nice to meet with ACS students. They are oftentimes so open to ideas.

They have cocktail conversation for any situation, but have also studied some of the most influential ideas of all time. Not all of them -- no ACS student would be fool enough to believe that -- but they’ve reached far into the depths of time, drudging the pail of knowledge.

Welcome to the ACSCU and the ACS program, and learning how to recognize the ideas in everything.”

- Brea Scott (President 2020-2021)

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The ACSCU Constitution

This is our foundational document, which determines the day to day functioning of the organization.

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What To Expect

After Graduation

Upon graduating with a Bachelor of Arts Honours degree, students will be able to apply their analytical and research skills in their chosen field of study.


How We're Helping

We are a community-based student group focused on making the school environment around us a better place, especially in the midst of this pandemic. Thanks to Ryerson, our team and the support of students, we're able to organize many exciting community-building and networking events each year.

Students During Break
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Come Volunteer with Us

Join the Team! We are always looking for help!

Are you interested and passionate about what we're doing? If so, we are always looking for new recruits to join our team that can help turn our visions for this program, a reality. During hiring periods, email us your resume at or sign up with this form and we'll contact you first. We look forward to having you on the team!

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Professor & Students
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