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Team Meeting

Actualizing your Career Success (ACS)

January 10, 2021

Thank you to Nich, our VP External and Internal Relations, and Laura MacKinnon, the Career Education Specialist for the Faculty of Arts, for putting together a comprehensive worksheet dedicated and tailored to helping ACS students realize success in their majors, career paths and themselves.

Actualizing your Career Success (ACS): What's Happening

Where can my ACS degree take me

This detailed document includes the following:
Webinar Recording
Career Action Plan and Self-Knowledge
Labour Market Exploration and Job Search Terms
and so much more...
(compiled by the wonderful Laura MacKinnon)

Career Confidence Questionnaire

These two documents are meant to work in tandem, as this questionnaire helps identify the key areas that you may be struggling with in your career confidence.
(compiled by the wonderful Nicholas Fournie)

Actualizing your Career Success (ACS): Files
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